12 Best Casual Shoes for Men [2024 Buyer's Guide] (2024)

Being that shoes can make or break an outfit, having a solid yet seasoned array of casual shoes is necessary both for comfort and style. Having the ability to stand and walk around for long periods of time is a must for most men, meaning that perfecting one’s casual shoe collection is a definite priority.

Whether you prefer sneakers, loafers, or boots, there are several different options for upping one’s array of shoes for everyday life. In order to help you narrow down your options, we’ve put together this list of the 12 best casual shoes for men to ensure that you feel and look your best.

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1. Oliver Cabell Low 1

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Even though white shoes are known for getting scuffed up and run down faster than most other colors, they’re 100% imperative for any guy’s closet. White sneakers manage to help amplify any outfit, making the extra care and caution while wearing them worth it. These Oliver Cabell Low 1 white sneakers have landed as our number one best choice for casual shoes due to their comfort and clean style.

These leather shoes are crafted in Marche, Italy, giving them that quality and flare that Italian shoes are known for. Best of all, while these Oliver Cabell sneakers can certainly be worn every day as a more standard casual shoe, you also have the option to dress them up quite nicely for an evening out on the town.

2. Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot

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Timberlands are a classic everyday shoe option that always manages to make a statement even in the most casual of settings. This stylish yet masculine waterproof boot is also incredibly functional, making them our top premium pick for casual shoes for men.

Timberlands are also known for being very sustainable with their PrimaLoft® ECO insulation and waterproof leather which is sourced from an eco-friendly tannery. While the classic Timberlands are most often seen in the Wheat Nubuck color, the boots come in nine different colors, allowing you to have a few different pairs for various color schemes and styles. These durable and high-grade boots are reasonably priced, proving that you don’t need to break the bank to find quality shoes that look good and last.

3. Vans Old Skool

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Vans are perhaps the most popular casual shoe of all time. These versatile and affordable sneakers are available in nearly every color imaginable, allowing you to have multiple pairs for various outfits. While some colors are a bit too much for the average man who prefers a more neutral palette, their Old Skool shoes in both black and white are perfect for everyday living.

Unlike some other casual shoes, these Vans are not as easily dressed up, however, they’re very comfortable once broken in, making them a consistent and dependable option for long walks or busy days where sitting down is not much of an option.

4. Converse Chuck 70 High-Top Canvas Trainer

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The day that Converse goes out of style truly is the day that pigs fly. Perhaps the ultimate casual shoe, Converse boasts style and comfort, leading to their 50-year long grasp on the casual shoe market.

These Converse Chuck 70 High-Top Canvas Trainers are a clean, white sneaker that have a bit of an edge due to the height of the high-top. While Converse are typically seen as being very casual and difficult to dress up, they tend to make their own fashion statement being that they are one of, if not the, most iconic masculine shoe of all time.

5. New Balance 247S

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If you’re the kind of guy who prioritizes comfort over style, then the New Balance 247S might be the perfect sneaker for what you are seeking. These very basic tennis shoes come in black and navy blue.

These lightweight and flexible sneakers are perfect for the man on the go, complete with a breathable mesh material and laces that allow for a perfect fit to any foot shape. Though the style might not be up-to-date enough for some guys, they’re virtually unbeatable when it comes to being able to wear them all day long without pain or discomfort.

6. adidas Stan Smith Original

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For those seeking something a bit sportier, the adidas Stan Smith originals are a sleek yet casual shoe that’s a timeless addition to your closet. With a goal to be using only recycled polyester by 2024, the adidas Stan Smith’s are also a sustainable and eco-friendly option that maintains their iconic style all while keeping the planet in mind. They come in 10 different unique colors, although you can’t go past the classic green and white colorway.

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7. Cole Hann Cloudfeel Weekender Penny Loafer

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The Cole Hann Cloudfeel Weekender Penny Loafers prove that casual shoes do not have to equate to sneakers. These nautical style loafers have a rubber outsole that provides amazing traction while still allowing you to remain light on your feet as you go about your day.

The shoes are also cushioned with GRANDFØAM to give you the feeling of walking on a cloud, providing the ultimate amount of luxury and comfort. The shoes cater to both a medium and wide foot and are available for a moderate price.

8. Allbirds Tree Skippers

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For those who would rather be barefoot than wear any kind of shoe at all, prepare to have your mind blown by the Allbirds Tree Skippers. These breathable and soft slip-on sneakers are made from eucalyptus trees and are expertly cushioned for the ultimate shoe experience. According to reviews, the comfort is unlike any other, making it feel more like you are barefoot rather than confined within any sort of rigid box.

The Allbirds Tree Skippers are also carbon-neutral due to the use of all-natural materials and practices. There are several different color options to choose from that range from dark to light, making these eco-friendly shoes quite versatile.

9. Clarks Desert Boot

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Clarks Desert Boots are the perfect pair of casual shoes for the man who never wants to appear too casual. These boots come in 15 different colors, all of which are sure to add a special flair to your wardrobe.

The style of these shoes is both minimalist and modern, making them the perfect casual shoe for a fashion-forward guy who always strives to look his best. They’re made mostly of suede, and while they might not be the most comfortable of casual shoes, they are pleasant enough to get the job done.

10. Dr. Martens 1460 Lace Up Boots

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Another eclectic and more fashion-forward casual shoe option is the Dr. Martens 1460 Lace Up Boots. Whether you’re wanting a more sleek, punk shoe that’s solid black, or prefer something a bit more adventurous such as peppermint green, Dr. Martens is known for making a statement and commanding attention. These boots are made out of high-quality smooth leather and feature a comfy, air-cushioned sole for optimal breathability.

11. adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

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For those with a bigger budget, the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is a trendy and premium option that’s certain to impress. These casual sneakers are anything but ordinary, and though they appear to be on the simpler side, these fresh slides stay true to the Yeezy brand. These sneakers are made of 100% Neoprene, while the soles are made of 100% rubber.

Being that the adidas Yeezy Boost 250 V2’s color scheme is primarily black with a touch of red, these pricey sneakers might not be the right style for everyone. However, if you do prefer to appear trendy and in the know when it comes to casual shoes, then these will never steer you wrong.

12. Veja Esplar Leather Marsala

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Another option that’s on the sportier side is the Veja Esplar Leather Marsala sneakers. Made primarily out of leather with an organic cotton lining, these Brazilian sneakers are sold for a reasonable price. They’re primarily white with accents of a deep red highlighting the classic “V’ for Veja, giving them a bit of a prep vibe while remaining quite casual and simple.

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Casual Shoe FAQs

What is a casual shoe?

Casual shoes tend to be characterized by sturdiness, comfort, and flexibility, making them the best shoes for everyday and long-term use.

Do casual shoes have a certain style?

While casual shoes do not have to come in the form of sneakers, most casual shoes tend to be seen as sneakers. However, there are several casual shoes that come in the style of boots or loafers, making them an option for professional or business use.

Can you wear casual shoes with any outfit?

It depends on the style of the shoe. For example, while certain sneakers can be dressed up and used for various outings, not all sneakers are acceptable for this.

What are the best casual shoe brands?

Some of the most mainstream and popular casual shoe brands include Nike, Converse, and Vans, though there are several other more low-key brands to choose from.

12 Best Casual Shoes for Men [2024 Buyer's Guide] (2024)


What is the most comfortable shoe for men? ›

Hoka Mach 5 Shoes

These shoes feel lightweight and comfortable for an entire day of walking—even after we wore them for a full day of excursions, we still felt light on our feet. Unlike other sneakers, this pair is breathable and won't overheat your feet, thanks to its jacquard mesh upper.

Are white sneakers in style in 2024 for men? ›

White sneakers are all the rage in 2024, and for good reason: they're cute, comfy, and can be styled with just about anything. With so many different options on the market, it's hard to know what shoe will be the perfect fit for you.

Which is the most comfortable shoe brand in the world? ›

The Best Comfort Shoe Brands for 2024
  1. Sovella. Sovella has earned its reputation as a standout brand thanks to its incredible recovery features, comfort, and impressive arch support. ...
  2. Arcopedico. Arcopedico is a leading brand in women's comfort shoes. ...
  3. Brooks. ...
  4. HOKA. ...
  5. NEW BALANCE. ...
  6. OluKai. ...
  7. Clarks. ...
  8. Dansko.

What sneakers are in style in 2024? ›

"The chunky sneaker trend continues to stomp its mark on 2024, but with a more refined, sculptural twist," says Marie. "High tops are getting more attention with innovative materials and patterns, giving a nod to vintage basketball aesthetics."

Should older men wear white sneakers? ›

When in doubt, lean toward timeless styles and classic, neutral colors that are fitted (not too tight or loose) to your body. Things like a white t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers.

Can a 50 year old man wear white sneakers? ›

Absolutely! White sneakers can be stylish and versatile for people of all ages, including those who are 50 or older.

What is the most stylish shoe brand? ›

Among the plethora of designer shoe brands, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel stand out as the most luxurious. Their enduring legacy, exceptional craftsmanship, and iconic styles have etched their names in the annals of luxury fashion.

What brand is known for making comfortable footwear? ›

Comfortable Sneakers and Athletic Shoes

Dr. Koshimune cites New Balance, ASICS, Brooks, Altra, Hoka One, and Merrell as companies that offer a wide range of athletic shoes. While best known for heels and boots, Vionic also has an excellent active shoe line that includes comfortable walking shoes and slip-on sneakers.

What is the most liked shoe brand? ›

Nike is the most popular shoe brand among consumers, with a 29% market share. The statistic states that Nike is the shoe brand that is preferred by the highest number of consumers, holding a 29% share in the market.

What is the nicest shoe in the world? ›

The top 10 most expensive shoes in the world 2024
  • Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers Passion Diamond shoes. ...
  • Debbie Wingham heels. ...
  • Shoes thrown at President George W. ...
  • Harry Winston Ruby slippers. ...
  • Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth heels. ...
  • Michael Jordan's 1998 NBA Finals Sneakers. ...
  • Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers. ...
  • Tanzanite Heels.
Mar 12, 2024

Are Hey Dude shoes good for standing all day? ›

Think of Hey Dudes as a step above slippers and a step below regular tennis shoes. Hey Dudes are good shoes to wear for a short amount of time. Wear them in the house, to and from the gym, or at the office. Don't wear Hey Dudes on days when you plan to do a lot of walking or standing.

Which shoe sole is most comfortable? ›

A rubber sole is more comfortable compared to plastic. It is pliable and provides a better grip than plastic and leather soles when exposed to wet and oily surfaces.

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