Brussels Sprouts With Walnuts and Pomegranate Recipe (2024)



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I always make my own pomegranate molasses and find that it is much tastier than what you can purchase. To make it, put a quart of unsweetened pomegranate juice in a saucepan. Add 1/4 - 1/2 cup sugar and 2-3 Tbs. lemon juice. Simmer on low heat until reduced to the consistency of syrup. Remove from heat. It will thicken a bit after it cools so don't reduce it too much. Use leftovers in salad dressings or add 2 Tbs. to sparking water and ice for a refreshing drink.


You can substitute pine nuts for walnuts, and sweet cranberries for the pomegranate, for a slightly more expensive but tastier version (IMO).


I made this without the pomegranate molasses, but added some balsamic vinegar at the end. I doubled the pomegranate seeds. Delicious! Also this is a very attractive dish, with the mix of red and green.

Jane in Maryland

This is a wonderful way to jazz up roasted brussels sprouts. There wasn't a single sprout left over!

Ruth Anne

If you can't find pomegranate molasses, you can buy ordinary pomegranate juice and reduce it at a low simmer until you have the thickness and intensity you want. I did this when I needed pomegranate syrup to dress a fattoush, and it was delicious. Kept well in the refrigerator, too.


Double the pomegranate seeds - at least! Cooking time long - roasted 15 min on cut side, flipped, and removed when it smelled like it was burning. Delicious! Red and green for Christmas dinner!


I followed the recommendations of other users and added Balsamico vinegar and mild molasses (can’t buy pomegranate molasses in Tokyo). But the sprouts were done after merely 15 minutes. 30 minutes baking time would’ve burned them. All in all, my guest liked it.


15 minutes on sprouts

Frederica Shockley

This is an excellent recipe for brussels sprouts! Maybe my sprouts were smaller. They came out perfect with 10 minutes on each side. I added more pomegranate seeds and walnuts, but omitted the molasses.


We make this for Thanksgiving, but with hazelnuts (instead of walnuts) and with truffle oil. Delish!


Can this be made ahead of time and reheated - then drizzle pomegranate molasses?


This was surprisingly fantastic. I have to say I didn't expect it to be so good. I did drizzle with the pomegranate molasses which I was lucky to find (the last bottle) at my local Whole Foods. Worked very well for Thanksgiving. I bought three pounds and made half plain for the non adventurous.


General question: the smoke point for olive oil is 410 degrees. If roasting Brussels sprouts tossed with EVOO at 425, then do we have a problem?


Pomegranate Molasses: quart pomegranate juice, 1/4 - 1/2 C sugar, 2-3 T lemon juice — simmer until it’s a syrup

marie helene

So good; i put a tea spoon of maple syrup and it was delish!

nora Hprivate note)

Private Note: oil the pan or foil before putting in oven. Less likely to burn.


Good. Large recipe enough for 6-8 people. Need pomegranate molasses


Skip walnuts

David B

Looked pretty. Added a lot of pomegranates. Really needed the molasses though.

Stumptown Steve

Like others, my sprouts cooked quicker than 1/2 hour, and actually on convection roast did not need flipping. Also agree that doubling the pomegranate seeds is better. Tried with and without the molasses, we preferred without. Will make again.

less sugar, no topping

No pomegranate molasses.. added a bit of maple syrup to sherry vinegar.


I skipped the pomegranate molasses and it didn’t matter. The dish was still delicious.

Frozen Sprouts?

Anybody ever tried this with frozen Brussels sprouts? Just curious if you thawed then cut them, just tossed them in whole, started from frozen...?


Super good. Serve warm.

Mark Thompson

Couldn't find pomegranate molasses, fine without.Used a bit of balsamic vinegar while sprouts were roasting.


I roasted fennel along with the sprouts, because I had some. I couldn't find the molasses, but I bet it adds a lovely flavor. The seeds bring brightness. Pretty Christmas dish.

Martha L Harrington

I cut the larger brussel sprouts into 3 pieces and the smaller ones in two. They were all finished in 15 minutes.No pomegranate molasses during the blizzards of Christmas 2022. I substituted a mix of balsamic vinegar and peach jam. Fabulous! (About 3 T jam to 1.5 t balsamic vinegar)


Agreed on Amy’s note for the homemade pomegranate molasses route! Found the juice at Costco, needed about 20 minutes to become a glaze.


we toss our brussels sprouts in pomegranate molasses before roasting. it gives them a really nice caramelization and makes them much more likely to be eaten in our family...


This was really good. I used Balsamic lightly and that worked great. I also had crumbled Feta on the side for those who might like a salty tang with their sweet. It was well received. A fresh take on Brussel Sprouts.

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Brussels Sprouts With Walnuts and Pomegranate Recipe (2024)
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