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Price, $ from 200

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Hair salon near Lexington Avenue/59th Street

Mark De Alwis Salon

New York, NY 10022, 228 E 51st St

Vu Hair

New York, NY 10019, 700 5th Ave Floor 23

Mark Garrison Salon

New York, NY 10022, 135 E 57th Street, 3rd Floor

Salon Ziba

New York, NY 10019, 50 W 57th St 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10022, 139 E 55th St

New York, NY 10022, 14 E 60th St #200

Service price list T-Gardens New York Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Hair Salon


from 200 $

Balayage highlights

from 200 $

Child Nail

By agreement

Design Nail

By agreement

Glitter Nails

By agreement

Highlights And Balayage

By agreement

Makeup Artistry

By agreement

Nail Artist

By agreement

Nail Technician

By agreement

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Nail design near 59th Street (Lexington Avenue Line)

Eye Design® New York

New York, NY 10022, 5 E 57th St floor 11

New York, NY 10019, 39 W 56th St

New York, NY 10019, 57 W 58th St

New York, NY 10022, 201 E 56th St 2 fl

New York, NY 10065, 790 Lexington Ave #2F

New Apple Blossom Nail Spa

New York, NY 10022, 941 1st Ave.

Reviews about T-Gardens New York Hair Salon


14 reviews

I loved T-Gardens!! The staff is so warm and welcoming. The Japanese hair treatment came
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Linda B. July 11, 2021 Source Yelp.com

I had a digital perm done by Mako. She's super nice and describes step by
Show full text

Renee T. July 11, 2021 Source Yelp.com

Mako did a great job. She is meticulous, detail oriented and very zen while working.
Show full text

Julia M. June 27, 2021 Source Yelp.com

Tatsuya has been doing my semi annual Japanese straightening for years now that truly last
Show full text

Abbe B. June 2, 2021 Source Yelp.com

I got a haircut with Mako and it was a great experience. I love how
Show full text

Sara C. June 1, 2021 Source Yelp.com

I L O V E this place. I feel like I'm going to the spa
Show full text

Natalie K. April 12, 2021 Source Yelp.com

Once again, Mako is amazing! So professional and truly listens and pampers her clients. The
Show full text

Nancy H. March 23, 2021 Source Yelp.com

I had my hair cut today. I emailed them to let them know what I
Show full text

Angeles D. March 20, 2021 Source Yelp.com

Got a simple haircut from Min, who was incredibly meticulous and attentive to what I
Show full text

Victoria W. March 19, 2021 Source Yelp.com

My sister and I got a keratin treatment done by Mako she did an amazing
Show full text

Shail M. March 9, 2021 Source Yelp.com

I have had my hair digital permed by them multiple times and always have an
Show full text

Brittany K. March 6, 2021 Source Yelp.com

I had a perfect straightening perm at T-Gardens! I have wildly frizzy natural hair -
Show full text

Marina F. February 28, 2021 Source Yelp.com

Love love love this place! Best haircut of my life. Lisa cut my hair. She
Show full text

Alyssa C. February 28, 2021 Source Yelp.com

I was looking for a place that did digital perms and came across T-Gardens! Mako
Show full text

Ana R. January 3, 2021 Source Yelp.com

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hair salon

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T-Gardens New York Hair Salon

T-Gardens New York Hair Salon - 14 Reviews, Price, Map, Address in New York City | Salonsrating.com (29)

Map location

Phone number

(212) 350-997... show

Working hours

mon-sun: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


New York, NY 10022, 328 E 59th St

District: Manhattan


Lexington Avenue/59th Street

59th Street (Lexington Avenue Line)

Lexington Avenue–63rd Street

Lexington Avenue–53rd Street

68th Street–Hunter College

51st Street

T-Gardens New York Hair Salon - 14 Reviews, Price, Map, Address in New York City | Salonsrating.com (2024)


How much does it cost to get hair done in New York? ›

How much does a haircut cost in New York? A standard haircut without the frills of color, conditioning or styling can cost around $40 to $80 in NYC. With added treatments, this can reach as high as $100 to $400 depending on whether you just want a simple cut or a brand new style and color.

Where do celebrities get their hair cut in NYC? ›

Guide: Best Celebrity Hair Salons in NYC (2024)
  • Sally Hershberger Salon. Book. ...
  • Danka Panka. Book. ...
  • Arsen Gurgov. Book. ...
  • Rita Hazan Salon. Book. ...
  • Marie Robinson salon. Book. ...
  • David Mallett. Book. ...
  • Whittemore House. Book. ...
  • Toka Salon. Book.

How much does a keratin treatment cost in NYC? ›

Keratin Treatments NYC costs around $200 and up. These rates are also the same for Keratin Treatment Long Island based on the amount of hair, length of hair, and the texture of the hair being treated.

How much does a Balayage cost in New York City? ›

The cost of balayage will depend on where you live and what salon you visit, however you can expect the price of a balayage treatment in New York City to run around $200 to $400.

How much should a haircut cost in NYC? ›

Haircut prices saw the largest annual increase since 1982 last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Currently, the average price for a men's cut in New York state is $49. For Becker, who charges $28, it's a tough balance between raising prices and keeping things affordable.

How much do you tip hair in NYC? ›

Heading to your appointment with a number in mind can alleviate that. We'll keep it simple for you. The tipping standard is usually 20%.

How much is a hairdresser in NYC? ›

In New York, the average cost for a female to her hair cut is just under $200. That's not even including color which could add anywhere from $75 to $150 more to your total.

Where do celebrities go for hair treatment? ›

Reviva Hair Transplant Clinic is, without a doubt, one of the best options for celebrities in India. We are located in a prime location in Chandigarh, which is a dream destination for most shoots. Besides that, we have world-class infrastructure and equipment to carry out procedures in a non-invasive manner.

What hair removal do celebrities use? ›

It's no secret that SEV is one of the go-to laser hair removal places for celebrities from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Is keratin really worth it? ›

Most people can benefit from a keratin treatment, especially curly hair types who want to straighten hair and remove frizz. However, if your hair is damaged, you may want to speak to your stylist first about a gentler treatment.

Is A keratin treatment worth the money? ›

Keratin treatments make hair more manageable, especially if your hair is particularly frizzy or thick. If you constantly heat style your hair, you'll notice that with a keratin treatment your hair dries more quickly. Some people estimate that keratin cuts their drying time by more than half.

What's better, keratin or Brazilian blowout? ›

Keratin treatments do wash out over time, but may last significantly longer than protein based treatments (Brazilian Blowout) with the proper aftercare. This means being sure you are using the proper hair care products that will not strip the treatment from your hair.

How much should I tip my hairdresser? ›

Remember the golden rule: "You should tip 20% on the entire service cost, not per individual," says Schweitzer. So if your haircut and blow-dry cost $40 total, and your color was $60, your total service cost comes to $100. That means you should tip $20 divided between the colorist and stylist.

How much do full highlights cost NYC? ›

  • Balayage | $175 – $300.
  • Color Gloss | $60 – $70.
  • Double Process | $100 – $250.
  • Partial Highlights | $90 – $150.
  • Full Highlights | $150 – $300.
  • Single Process | $80 – $90.

Is balayage or full color more expensive? ›

Technically, less hair dye is used in balayage compared to all over hair color, but it is expensive because of its complicated technic, which requires a lot of experience and expertise from the hairstylist's end.

How much should I pay someone to do my hair? ›

Hiring a hair stylist costs $150-$225, on average.

Prices can range anywhere from $85-$100 on the low end and $650-$874 on the high end.

How much does it cost to get your hair colored in New York? ›

A single process color in NYC salon costs around $120 including a blowdry finish.

How much is hair color in NYC? ›

In contrast, an all over single color could run you anywhere from $60-$150 depending on the salon, a double process $120-$300.

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